Prajin (Zing) Uttamchandani Exits UW as an Architect

Longest-serving CLF Student Intern Graduates with a Vow to Help Build a Better Future

From the fall of 2021 through the spring of 2024, Prajin has been a student at the University of Washington  seeking a degree in Architecture, with a focus on sustainability. Their past research and environmental restoration projects encouraged an ongoing commitment to climate justice through continued academic experiences and work with the CLF. Prajin’s beliefs are centered around taking racial and economic disparities into account when working towards carbon reduction and broader climate action.

By Prajin Uttamchandani

As Seattle’s cherry blossoms fade, symbolizing a season of change, I findd myself embarking on a new chapter too. This spring, I’m at last graduating from the University of Washington with my architecture degree, and will soon be beginning my architectural career at SMR Architects.

I’ve always loved spending time outside — growing up, I watched the planet’s climate deteriorate around me, fueling a love for the environment that’s only gotten stronger to this day. This love for nature is what fuels my passion for building a better future for us all, and it’s what led me to the Carbon Leadership Forum two and a half years ago.

As I work towards turning a new leaf following graduation, I take every moment to find a breath of fresh air — a time to relax at last, and a time to for me reflect on my academic career. Looking back at my time at the CLF, I see it as a truly formative part of my education. From solidifying foundational skills as a student assistant to helping to launch the POD | LCA project and being part of the first CLF undergraduate internship, each role has equipped me with invaluable knowledge.

Beyond refining my web development and data management skills (which align with my interests in technology), I gained crucial experience in large-scale project coordination, understanding the intricacies of information flow. Most importantly, I’ve learned the importance of a collaborative, welcoming workplace, filled with talented individuals who to share their time and knowledge freely.

Looking ahead, I’m so grateful for the knowledge and opportunities that my CLF work has helped to prepare me for. The skills I’ve gained in working with life cycle assessments, EPDs, building materials, and other practical applications of embodied carbon position me at the forefront of sustainability in the field. Beyond technical knowledge, it’s the continual, unwavering passion for building a better future within the entire CLF Network that has truly inspired me.

Over my time here, I’ve been able to watch the organization grow in knowledge and impact, becoming a transformative force that’s making a big difference in the industry. As I graduate and move into architectural practice, I’m looking forward to continuing to embody the Carbon Leadership Forum’s passion and mission. I’m eager to use the knowledge and passion that I gained here to continue pushing the world towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

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Prajin Uttamchandani at Mount Baker

Mount Baker

Prajin Uttamchandani

 Prajin (Zing) Uttamchandani

“Almost daily for thirty months, I’ve been privileged to work closely with Zing on a wide variety of projects core to the effectiveness and impact of the Carbon Leadership Forum. They’ve written and copyedited articles for the CLF newsletter and website, improved and optimized CLF’s contact relationship management (CRM) database essential for maintaining our communications channels and ongoing projects, and contributed to the design, diversity, and success of CLF’s student intern program. Zing is part of a new generation of architects joining to design and craft a just and vibrant future.”

— Andrew Himes, CLF Director of Communications and Collective Impact