CLF Embodied Carbon Policy Toolkit

The Policy Toolkit includes:

Policy Factsheets – concise introductory resources written for policymakers, on the following policy categories:

  • Embodied Carbon 101
  • EPD 101
  • Building LCA 101
  • Buy Clean Policies: Overview & Implementation
  • Building Embodied Carbon Performance Requirements
  • Embodied Carbon and Codes
  • Deconstruction, Salvage, and Reuse Policies

Policy Tracking Map – tracks existing and proposed embodied carbon policies across the globe

Policy Reports & Case Studies – Collection of all CLF-published reports, case studies and other policy-related resources.

Policy Introductory Video Series – Six videos designed to be used by regional Hubs to provide policy training, providing details on core embodied carbon policy concepts and frameworks, and case studies of existing policies.

For questions regarding the CLF Embodied Carbon Policy Toolkit resources, email us or join a Carbon Leadership Forum Regional Hub to connect with other interested professionals in your region or city.

Policy Tracking Map

Embodied carbon policies are spreading rapidly across the United States and the world. Click on the map markers below to learn more about existing and proposed policies. For more information about the individual policies, click on the headline for each policy.

View Embodied Carbon Policy Tracking Map in a full screen map

Policy Introductory Video Series

Session 1: Introduction to the Embodied Carbon Policy Landscape

Session 2: Embodied Carbon & Climate Action Plans

Session 3: Embodied Carbon & Procurement Policies

Session 4: Embodied Carbon & Building Codes

Session 5: Embodied Carbon & Zoning and City Incentive Programs

Session 6: Embodied Carbon & Reuse and Deconstruction