NGO/Government Roundtable

The Carbon Leadership Forum is built on a model of inclusion and collective action. This collaborative model helps create an informed and effective community, and spurs accelerated outcomes.

The Carbon Leadership Forum has assembled a Roundtable of both non-governmental and governmental organizations collaborating to take action to advance common goals. Roundtable meetings feature timely updates from a variety of organizations on new initiatives, programs, events, and resources focused on reducing embodied carbon emissions in built environments.

We are proud to be working with these leading organizations.

The NGO/Government Roundtable has the following objectives:

  • Share news, strategic plans, resources, and tools related to embodied carbon. 
  • Report planning and future dates for conferences, webinars, and meetings.
  • Inspire and facilitate ongoing communication and conversation among key leaders related to embodied carbon. 
  • Encourage convergence on shared embodied carbon terminology, data standards, benchmarks, and targets for embodied carbon reduction.