wood carbon seminars

The Wood Carbon Seminars was an 8-part webinar series hosted by the Carbon Leadership Forum in the Spring of 2020.  It brought together wood experts to answer common and critical questions about the carbon impacts of wood from the building industry.

The webinars were organized around four main categories: 1) Background and Basics, 2) LCA and Wood, 3) Tracking Carbon in North America, and 4) Wood and the Building Industry.  For each category, three speakers were asked to present on a specific topic in the first week and return for a Q&A discussion session the following week. The recordings and slides for these presentations and discussion sessions can be found in the Resources section below.

The CLF also collected questions from the audience over the course of the webinar series to be answered by the speakers outside of the live webinar sessions.  These Q&As are also available in the Resources section below.



The webinar recordings, presentation slides, and a compiled list of questions and answers (Q&As) can be found below.  Click on the accordion button (+) on the right end of each row to expand the section.


Session 1: Background and Basics

1A: Presentation session (April 23, 2020)

1B: Discussion session (April 30, 2020)

Session 2: LCA and Wood

2A: Presentation session (May 7, 2020)

    • 2.1: Carbon Neutrality and its Connection to the Substitution Effects of Forest Products, presented by Reid Miner from the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI)
    • 2.2: How LCA Handles Wood, presented by James Salazar from Coldstream Consulting
    • 2.3: A Deeper Dive into Wood Product LCA and Forest Resource Accounting, presented by Elaine Oneil from the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM)

2B: Discussion session (May 14, 2020)

Session 3: Tracking Carbon in North America

3A: Presentation session (May 21, 2020)

3B: Discussion session (May 28, 2020)

Session 4: Wood and the Building Industry

4A: Presentation session (June 4, 2020)

4B: Discussion session (June 11, 2020)

Questions and Answers (Q&As)

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