The Carbon Leadership Forum is growing quickly to support accelerated action to radically reduce embodied carbon from buildings and infrastructure. We are looking for applied researchers who will help develop new knowledge related to the life cycle emissions of building materials and use that information to support policymakers, designers, academics and other key partners. Ideal candidates will complement our existing expertise to ensure that the CLF can continue providing science-informed support where it is most needed.

Primary LCA Researcher

CLF develops applied research to inform and enable policymakers, building industry practitioners, standards developers, and others to reduce life cycle emissions of materials used in buildings and infrastructure. This position will be responsible for leading research and providing technical support to an integrated team with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, policy, environmental science and material science. The researcher will also engage with external collaborators from policy and industry. This role will be responsible for development and application of emerging research related to LCA tools, data, and methods that support reporting, evaluation and reductions of carbon emissions from buildings and infrastructure across the US and globally. The researcher should have professional or academic experience with LCA modeling, and expertise in one or more materials or product systems (e.g. concrete, steel, bio-based materials, agriculture, or energy). Interest and experience in education is applicable, but is not required.

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CLF supports policymakers at the local, state and federal levels, primarily in the United States, to develop, implement, and scale embodied carbon reduction programs. This position will be responsible for leading research and engaging diverse stakeholders to support the development and implementation of cross-sectoral climate policies targeting embodied carbon reductions in buildings and infrastructure. Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the building and construction sector and life cycle assessment (LCA). A detailed level of knowledge on the development and use of Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) is desired. While not required, we are especially interested in candidates who have experience applying policy analysis and knowledge of climate change drivers directly towards building and industrial sector decarbonization policies. This position will play a key role towards informing high-impact embodied carbon policies including but not limited to “Buy Clean” procurement policies and building codes.

  • Note: This job will be posted soon!

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Die Möglichkeiten für Mitarbeiter und Studenten des Carbon Leadership Forum, einschließlich Positionen wie Forschungsingenieure und -assistenten, Programmmanager und Forschungswissenschaftler, werden durch die University of Washington gesichert.