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Carbon Leadership Forum Research Projects

Organizations turn to the Carbon Leadership Forum, at the University of Washington, for data-driven answers to their questions – information they can trust. These funded research projects help understand the full complexity of issues and develop practical solutions grounded in solid science. 

Featured Research Projects

Buy Clean Washington Study

Research purpose: Review and evaluate embodied carbon policies to limit the embodied carbon of structural materials used in State building projects.

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Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study

Research question: What are the typical magnitudes and ranges for embodied carbon of buildings?

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LCA of a WeWork Tenant Improvement Project

Research question: What are the environment impacts of a typical WeWork office? How can WeWork reduce embodied carbon across its construction supply chain?

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LCA of Katerra’s CLT and Catalyst Building

Research purpose: Analyze environmental impacts of Katerra’s CLT supply chain, as well as its Catalyst Building.

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LCA of MEP Systems and Tenant Improvements

Research question: What are the typical ranges of embodied carbon (and other impact measures) for mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and tenant improvement (TI)?

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Mass Timber Optimization and LCA

Research purpose: Explore how mass timber buildings can be optimized for material efficiency and support a regionally-specific LCA case study of a mass timber office building in the Pacific Northwest.

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Seismic Damage (ATC/FEMA P-58)

Research purpose: Develop a comprehensive database of structural and non-structural building component repair.

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Tornado Resilience and Sustainability

Research purpose: Develop embodied carbon estimates of tornado damage to an interdisciplinary NSF research project.

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EC3 Tool Methodology

Research purpose: Develop data and methodology for the EC3 Tool.

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UW Population Health Facility

Research purpose: Determine if the UW Population Health facility would meet the requirements of LEED’s whole building life cycle assessment (WBLCA) credit.

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Wood Carbon Seminars

Research purpose: Answer common and critical questions about the carbon impacts of wood from the building industry.

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