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UKGBC Guide on Scope 3 in Real Estate

The United Kingdom Green Building Council published this guide to improve knowledge and understanding of scope 3 emissions reporting for commercial real estate companies and the wider sector.  There is currently limited understanding about scope 3 in this sector, due to lack of sector-specific guidance on this issue.  This has led to limited scope 3 reporting and missed opportunities for driving emissions reductions.  This guidance aims to fill that gap.  It aims to provide clarity on interpreting the GHG protocol for the real estate sector, and builds consensus and promotes common approaches to reporting scope 3 emissions.

UKGBC’s guidance document aims to improve understanding around scope 3 emissions in the CRE sector and encourage greater collaboration with suppliers and customers. The scale and urgency of the climate crisis requires a step change in mindsets and behaviours. Working closely with stakeholders across the value chain is the only way we can achieve the systems change required for the rapid decarbonisation of our built environment.

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