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Toward a Low-Carbon Cement Standard

This working paper by the World Resources Institute (WRI) explores the idea of setting a low-carbon cement standard in the United States.  It discusses the use of tradable credits, cement sector-specific issues related to decarbonization, how to set intensity metrics and benchmarks, how to address the risk of leakage and competitiveness, and more.

This paper outlines design considerations for an effective low-carbon cement standard in the United States, including how to set benchmarks and stringency, how to address leakage and competitiveness, and how to structure cost containment policies. A low-carbon cement standard offers several advantages as part of a broader climate change policy portfolio and can serve dual purposes: moving the market in the nearer term through existing technological opportunities while setting a clear regulatory roadmap to inspire long-term investment in deep emissions reductions. We envision that this publication will equip policymakers to consider such a standard as an element of relevant climate policy packages and help ensure that if it is included, it will be designed in a sensible manner based on our recommendations.

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