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RMI Concrete Solutions Guide

The RMI Concrete Solutions Guide released in August 2021 provides a user-friendly overview of proven and scalable solutions to reduce concrete’s contribution to climate change. The guide highlights six key opportunities to reduce embodied carbon in concrete products without compromising financial or material performance:

  1. Know Your Numbers: Performance-Oriented Specifications
  2. Mix It Up: Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs)
  3. Plug and Play: Sensors Can Save Time, Money, and Material
  4. Embrace Circularity: Concrete Recycling
  5. Carbon as a Service: Sequestering CO2 in Concrete
  6. Use Green Heat: Decarbonize Kiln Technology

According to RMI, “most of the solutions described are market-ready—the result of decades of research and real-world trials. In addition to helping advance the environmental goals of concrete purchasers, these solutions offer opportunities for producers to reduce costs and establish a leadership role in a changing industry.”

The RMI Concrete Solutions Guide aims to provide solutions that are useful across the complex network of stakeholders in the cement and concrete value chain, from concrete producers and cement manufacturers to developers, designers, contractors, and policymakers.

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