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Guidance for Building Owners and Investors

Embodied Carbon Reduction Strategies for Optimizing Projects, Systems, and Procurement

Businesses that take a leading role in committing to truly net-zero goals that include embodied carbon will avoid regulatory and reputational risks and lead the world in setting best practices in this fast growing area of climate policy and action. Join Anthony Hickling and Meghan Lewis from the Carbon Leadership Forum to learn about setting embodied carbon targets and taking meaningful steps to decarbonize, from portfolio to project to product.

Investors, developers, building owners, and tenants are uniquely positioned to lead in decarbonizing construction through their role in spurring new projects and setting project requirements.

Embodied Carbon Educational Resources

Decarbonizing construction

WBSCD’s report “Decarbonizing construction – Guidance for investors and developers to reduce embodied carbon” provides...

1 – Embodied Carbon 101

This resource aims to provide a high-level overview of embodied carbon -- how it is defined, its significance in the...

EC Education Video Playlist

This playlist from CLF's Youtube channel is a compilation of webinars and presentations created by members,...

The Time Value of Carbon

CLF board member Larry Strain developed this white paper for the Carbon Leadership Forum in order to articulate the...