Barbara BatSchalom

Sustainable Performance Institute

Barbra BatShalom ist Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin des gemeinnützigen Sustainable Performance Institute, CEO von BuildingEase und frühere Gründerin und Präsidentin der USGBC-Tochtergesellschaft in Massachusetts, die sie 9 Jahre lang leitete. Sie ist eine Branchenführerin, deren Vision Markttransformationsprogramme von der öffentlichen Politik bis zur beruflichen Praxis vorantreibt. Ihre Arbeit konzentriert sich auf die Schnittmenge von Systemen, Prozessen und Kultur. With a diverse background of fine arts, social psychology and 25 years in architecture and sustainability consulting, she brings a variety of skills to her work and a unique perspective engaging the human dynamics of decision-making and creative collaboration to technical work. She’s an educator, management consultant and change agent working with a wide range of governmental, institutional and private sector organizations to help them institutionalize sustainability and achieve measurable improvements in performance and profitability. Barbra also mentors startups for Clean Tech Open and has taught grad course in Sust. RE Development at Brandeis’ International Business school,  she guest lectures at various business schools including MIT, BU and Babson, teaches extensively within corporations and currently teaches Leadership for Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Boston Architectural College. She provides management consulting to a variety of corporate clients within and outside of the building industry, with a focus on organizational excellence and change management. She has served on numerous boards (including Chair of local USGBC MA Chapter, called BE+), and mindfulMaterials. She has served on governmental task forces to help develop public and corporate policies for sustainability and volunteers in various industry initiatives such as past tenure on the AIA’s 2030 Commitment working group.