Carbon Leadership Forum

LCA Practice Guide

Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study identified a need in the industry for standardized and accessible guidance on how to conduct an LCA of a building.  The LCA Practice Guide was developed to address this need.  The LCA Practice Guide and supporting files are provided below.


Component of Practice Guide Description Access
A: Practice Guide
This is the primary document of the LCA Practice Guide.  It introduces the concept of life cycle assessment to building professionals and explains how to determine the environmental impacts of a building step by step.  Version 1 issued June 20, 2018. Download (PDF)

B: Technical Guidance This document is directed at LCA experts who are looking for technical recommendations to support the development of LCAs of buildings in North America.  Version 1 issued June 19, 2018. Download (PDF)
C: Taxonomy for Whole Building LCA This is a proposed information scheme for reporting information relating to LCAs of buildings. Download (PDF) (not yet available)
D: Gingerbread House LCA Example This is a simple example demonstrating the LCA process using a gingerbread house. Download (PDF) (not yet available)
External Resources The External Resources page contains references to online and print resources for whole building LCA, and example LCA reports. Link to External Resources
CLF Resources The CLF Resources page contains supplemental materials created by the CLF. Some items are under development. Link to CLF Supplementary Resources