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LCA of a WeWork TI Project

Research Questions:  

What are the environmental impacts of a typical WeWork office? How can WeWork reduce embodied carbon across its construction supply chain?


WeWork provides office spaces around the world and wants to understand the environmental impacts of a typical WeWork office. The Carbon Leadership Forum was asked to estimate these impacts by performing a life cycle assessment of a sample WeWork commercial office tenant improvement project. The Carbon Leadership Forum identified critical items in the project to help WeWork understand the environmental impacts of its supply chain.

wework Carbon

Summary Document

This summary document is an abridged version of the full internal report presented to WeWork. It summarizes the goal and scope, methodology, results, and discussion of this study.

Research Team

  • K. Simonen (PI)
  • M. Huang
  • B.X. Rodriguez


The research team would like to thank Meghan Lewis of WeWork for her role in initiating this study and providing the needed material data for this work.

The research team would also like to recognize the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, who sponsored an earlier preliminary study exploring the LCA impacts of MEP and TI. This earlier study provided the foundational work for this WeWork study.

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