Michelle Lambert

Policy and Engagement Manager

Michelle Lambert is a Policy and Engagement Manager for the Carbon Leadership Forum. She leads research on public policies targeting embodied carbon with the goal of decarbonizing building materials and reducing the carbon impact of our built environment. She is an experienced facilitator and project manager which has taught her that the most impactful and lasting successes in sustainability evolve from doing the work of collaboration and consensus building. Prior to joining CLF, Michelle spent the first two decades of her career building a breadth of sustainability project expertise through architectural practice, sustainability consulting and academic teaching. After leading the sustainability efforts at several of Boston’s largest architecture and design firms, she successfully launched her own sustainable design consulting firm where she managed building projects targeting operational and embodied carbon, as well as utilizing many different rating systems. Michelle has a Masters in Urban Planning and Environmental Policy from Tufts University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, and she holds accreditations in LEED, Passive House and Envision. She is passionate about transforming the way we design, build and live within the natural limits of our environment.

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