Brook Waldman

Low Carbon Products Lead

Brook is a Low-Carbon Products Lead, investigating the life cycle of building materials — their manufacture, use, and end-of-life — and the environmental impacts of those processes. He also works to improve the methodologies and data behind the measurement and communication of those environmental impacts. At the CLF, he has been particularly involved in developing the CLF Material Baselines, serving on PCR committees, and supporting the EC3 tool during its launch.

Previously, Brook studied architecture at the University of Oregon, where he focused on lifecycle assessment (LCA) research of high-performance buildings and construction materials, and worked in architectural practice in Seattle. He was also an educator: he taught high school math (how can we follow the numbers?) and environmental studies (what is our human relationship to the Earth’s material and energy flows?) and led youth wilderness trips.

Besides working at the CLF, Brook volunteers as a math and reading tutor for his local elementary and alternative high schools and as a sorter at his community’s foam and plastics recycling events. He’s always loved making new useful stuff from old landfill-bound stuff — like building furniture with salvaged wood and welding for a biodiesel cooperative.


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