Azeezah Sultana Priyota

Research Assistant, UW

Azeezah is a research assistant for the Life Cycle Lab at the University of Washington. She is pursuing a Master of Science in Design Technology from the College of Built Environment at UW. Before joining the CLF, Azeezah worked at an architectural firm in Bangladesh as a registered architect. She utilized adaptive simulation modeling to inform context-specific design choices that differed from conventional practices. This first-hand experience reinforced her belief that targeted sustainable design expertise is imperative to guide Bangladesh’s rapidly expanding infrastructure responsibly. Consequently, Azeezah joined a disaster resilience project with Caritas for ethnic minority shelters. At UW, under expert guidance, she aims to develop proficiency in energy modeling and learn strategies to quantify and reduce embodied carbon using life cycle assessment. Azeezah is also interested in building Python coding abilities for streamlined, sustainable analyses. She plans to use her increased knowledge to promote sustainable architectural transformations and environmentally responsible infrastructure growth that benefits communities. She strives to pioneer solutions that reduce construction’s embodied emissions and environmental burdens through research, advocacy, and design innovation.


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