Meet the Staff of the Carbon Leadership Forum

Stephanie Carlisle

Introducing Steph Carlisle

Senior Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington   Stephanie Carlisle is an architect and environmental researcher whose work investigates the interaction between the natural and...

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Zing (Prajin) Uttamchandani

Introducing Prajin Uttamchandani

Intern, Carbon Leadership Forum Prajin is a student at the University of Washington currently seeking a degree in Architecture, with a focus on sustainability. Past research and environmental restoration...

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Introducing Monica Huang

Research Engineer, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington Monica Huang is a research engineer with experience in environmental life cycle assessment (LCA). Recent projects include the Wood...

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Milad Ashtiani

Introducing Milad Ashtiani

Building and Materials Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington Milad Ashtiani is a civil engineer who received his PhD from the University of Washington in the summer of 2022. Milad...

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Introducing Meghan Lewis

Senior Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington Meghan Lewis is a Senior Researcher at the Carbon Leadership Forum, where she leads research on procurement of low carbon materials and...

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Meghan Byyne

Introducing Meghan Byrne

Engagement and Communications Lead, Carbon Leadership Forum Meghan Byrne works to support collaboration and communication across the CLF Community and CLF Regional Hubs. by Meghan Byrne Climate change can...

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Introducing Megan Kalsman

Policy Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum by Megan Kalsman I have always been drawn to and fascinated by cities. How we work, play, and move about them impacts our overall quality of life and the natural...

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Introducing Jordan Palmeri

Senior Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum Jordan Palmeri is a Senior Researcher on the policy team at CLF. He’s an interdisciplinary scientist and policy advisor focused on reducing the lifecycle impacts...

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Delilah Canales

Introducing Delilah Canales

Intern, Carbon Leadership Forum Delilah is a current junior at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in Architecture. Her interest in the Carbon Leadership Forum stems from her motivation to...

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clare kondrat

Introducing Clare (Vivi) Kondrat

Intern, Carbon Leadership Forum Clare is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering at the University of Washington, with the intention of exploring the intersectionality between...

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Introducing Chad Evans

Operations Manager, Carbon Leadership Forum Chad Evans helps to manage budgets, keep projects on track, support HR needs, and optimize systems and processes so that we can all be doing our best work in the...

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Introducing Brad Benke

Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington Brad Benke, AIA, is a Research Scientist at the Carbon Leadership Forum focused on creating and improving LCA data, tools, and policies to...

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Introducing Anthony Hickling

Managing Director, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington Anthony Hickling has experience in environmental and social sustainability as well as nonprofit management and fundraising. His...

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Introducing Andrew Himes

Director of Collective Impact, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington Andrew Himes is director of collective impact initiatives to reduce embodied carbon emissions in new building construction....

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Allison Hyatt

Introducing Allison Hyatt

Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum Allison Hyatt is a Researcher with the Carbon Leadership Forum at the University of Washington. With years of experience as an architect, she prioritizes forging links...

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