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Pilote de trottoir en béton à faible teneur en carbone - 2020

Étude de cas

This case study provides information on the City of Portland’s first round of low-carbon concrete pilot projects, featuring sidewalk ramps within the City’s Bureau of Transportation. The goal of the pilot project was to understand how the mixes perform, both in terms of technical requirements and workability.

Overall, the low-carbon mixes met the City’s concrete performance specifications, were well received by the concrete finishers, were cost-neutral or less expensive, and performed well in in the post- project visual inspections – all while reducing the carbon footprint of an average sidewalk ramp by 23- 34%.


    • Stacey Foreman, Responsable du programme d'approvisionnement durable, Portland, Oregon
    • Jordan Palmeri, Spécialiste de l'environnement et conseiller en politiques, Département de la qualité de l'environnement de l'Oregon

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