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The Carbon Leadership Forum accelerates the transformation of the building sector to radically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions attributed to materials (also known as embodied carbon) used in buildings and infrastructure.

We research, educate, and foster cross-collaboration to bring embodied carbon of buildings and infrastructure down to zero.

Nuestra visión

Visualizamos una industria de la construcción transformada y descarbonizada: mejores edificios para un planeta mejor.

Nuestra misión

Nuestra misión es eliminar el carbono incorporado de los edificios, los materiales y la infraestructura para crear un futuro justo y próspero.

How We Do it

Recognizing that buildings account for nearly half of global CO2 emissions, the Carbon Leadership Forum is dedicated to acelerar la transformación del sector de la construcción para reducir radicalmente el carbono incorporado en los materiales de construcción y la construcción a través de la acción colectiva.

El Carbon Leadership Forum impulsa conocimiento a través de su investigación y recursos de carbono incorporado, colaboración through its robust network of architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, building owners, policymakers, and associations, and acción apoyando y capacitando a sus miembros para promover nuevas ideas y enfoques a través de iniciativas impactantes.


Investigamos las vías para maximizar las reducciones de carbono y lideramos investigaciones colaborativas con expertos en materiales, ONG, socios de la industria y legisladores.


Aceleramos el aprendizaje mediante el crowdsourcing y la difusión de conocimientos que empodera a nuestros miembros.

La red

We bring together architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, building owners, policymakers, and associations through environments designed to connect inspired advocates and spark unprecedented collaboration.


Aceleramos la transformación del mercado inspirando, apoyando y empoderando a nuestros miembros para que presenten nuevas ideas a través de iniciativas impactantes.

Meet the Team

CLF Staff

Carbon Leadership Forum Affiliates

As the Carbon Leadership Forum transitions towards operating as an independent nonprofit organization, staff at CLF and the University of Washington’s Life Cycle Lab are working collaboratively across both organizations to reduce embodied carbon emissions from buildings and infrastructure. CLF Affiliates are collaborative partners who support the development of CLF research and other programs.

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CLF and Life Cycle Lab team members introduce themselves with personal essays

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​2022-2023 Carbon Leadership Forum Impact Report

A changed landscape for embodied carbon action

Over the past five years, we’ve seen the emergence of an unprecedented global focus on climate mitigation, carbon sequestration, technological creativity and innovation. We’ve seen more sophisticated carbon assessments, innovations in material production, a sharper focus on rigorous interpretation of carbon claims, and significant shifts in industry practice supporting decarbonization. And within the building industry, we’ve seen evidence of revolutionary change for both materials
and the buildings that incorporate them.