andres himes

Program Affiliate

Andrew Himes is Director of Collective Impact for the Carbon Leadership Forum, working on collective impact initiatives to reduce embodied carbon emissions in built environments, including building materials, design, construction, and retrofits. He hosts the NGO/Government Roundtable on Embodied Carbon, explores opportunities for collective action to reduce embodied carbon, and manages strategic communications for the CLF. In 2018, he was coordinator of Día del Edificio Carbono Inteligente, a conference affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit focused on transforming the global building industry to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Himes has delivered keynote presentations for the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA), the California Industrial and Construction Materials Association (CalCIMA), the Chinese American Construction Professionals Association (CACPA), the South Asian Cities Conference (Karachi), the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), the Worldwide Conference on Human Values (Monterrey, MX), Passive House NW Conference, and others. Watch Andrew’s 2021 TedX talk Cambia nuestros edificios, salva nuestro planeta.

In 1987 Himes was founding editor of MacTech, still today the leading Apple technology journal, then was founding editor of the Red de desarrolladores de Microsoft and led the first web development project at Microsoft in the early 90s. Himes was founding executive director for Carta de Compassion International in the 2000s. He is the author of La Espada del Señor: Las Raíces del Fundamentalismo en una Familia Estadounidense and was executive producer/author of the 2004 documentary Voces en tiempo de guerra.


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