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Northeast U.S. & Canada Embodied Carbon Policy Case Studies

Policies that address embodied carbon are being proposed and adopted at all levels of government- federal, state and local- at a rapidly accelerating pace. This report highlights nine policies in the Northeast region of the United States and Canada as examples of successfully passed policies targeting embodied carbon reporting and reduction. Each case study explores the policy’s development process, the stakeholders engaged, any challenges faced, and keys to successful adoption.

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Policy is an essential step towards creating the scale of action required to rapidly reduce embodied carbon in construction. We have historically seen embodied carbon reporting primarily be of a voluntary nature. However, in the coming years we expect these policies to cover more projects, more materials and to become mandatory.

These nine policy case studies highlight only a small portion of embodied carbon policy action in the Northeast region of the U.S. and Canada. Looking forward, we expect to see the rapid proposal and adoption of policies across North America.


The research team from the Carbon Leadership Forum at the University of Washington, College of Built Environments:

  • Megan Kalsman, Policy Researcher
  • Michelle L. Lambert, Policy Researcher
  • Meghan C. Lewis, Senior Researcher
  • Kate Simonen, Professor and Founding Director

Author contributions: M.K. led conceptualization; M.K., M.L.L, and CLF Regional Hub volunteers (see Hub Volunteers section) conducted research and analysis; M.L.L, M.C.L, and K.S. performed review and editing; M.K and M.L.L. wrote the document.

Graphic design adapted by Sindhu Raju (CLF Student Assistant) from a template originally designed by Hannah Adams (

Expresiones de gratitud

This research was funded by the ClimateWorks Foundation. A huge thank you to the interviewees and CLF Hub volunteers who contributed time to make this report possible.

We would like to thank the following individuals for contributing their experience through interviews and providing content for the report (in order of the case studies):

  • Amy Cole, Miriam Voss, and Kasey Motley of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Mikhail Haramati, Formerly at New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
  • Mariane Jang, New York Office of General Services (OGS)
  • John Dalzell, AIA, LEED Fellow, Boston Planning & Development Agency
  • Jennifer Effron and Madeleine Hykes, Boston Society for Architecture
  • Nicole St. Clair Knobloch, Olifant
  • Chris Neidl, OpenAir Collective
  • Sue Dorward, Sustainability & Energy Coordinator at Raritan Valley Community College
  • Sean Mohen, Tri-County Sustainability
  • Thomas O’Neill, City of Cambridge, Community Development Department
  • Mason Wells, City of Cambridge, Community Development Department
  • Susanne Rasmussen, Director of Environmental and Transportation Planning, City of Cambridge, MA
  • David MacMillan and Shayna Stott, City of Toronto, Canada
  • Liora Silkes, City of Newton Energy Coach
  • Mark Webster, Green Newton Building Standards Committee
  • Jacob Deva Racussin, New Frameworks
  • Susan Cascino, Boston Environment Department
  • Lauren Potter and Abbey Massaro, RecyclingWorks of Massachusetts
  • Michael Orbank, STO Building Group and CLF Boston/Northeast Hub

CLF Regional Hub Volunteers

This research was supported by the following volunteers from CLF Regional Hubs in the Northeast region:

  • Kelly Alvarez Doran (Ha/f Climate Design, Canada and United Kingdom)
  • Randall Anway (New Tapestry, Boston/Northeast Hub)
  • Jacob Deva Racusin (New Frameworks, Boston/Northeast Hub)
  • Kathy Dorgan (Dorgan Architecture and Planning, NY Hub)
  • Aurora Jensen (Brightworks Sustainability, NY Hub)
  • Iza Khan (Columbia University, NY Hub)
  • Alyssa Manypenny Murphy (Placework Studio, Boston/Northeast Hub)
  • Brian Sandford (MASS Design Group, Boston/Northeast Hub)
  • Joshua Plourde (Atelier Ten, NY Hub)
  • Mark Webster (SGH, Boston/Northeast Hub)


    Kalsman, M., Lambert, M., Lewis, M., & Simonen, K. (2024). Northeast U.S. & Canada Embodied Carbon Policy Case Studies. Carbon Leadership Forum.

    April 18, 2024 Webinar

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