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CLF Tools & Data

The Carbon Leadership Forum pioneers and incubates the development of frameworks, standards, tools, and methodologies to drive the calculation and reduction of embodied carbon in built environments. 

CLF WBLCA Benchmark Study V2

Project Announcement | April 2022The Carbon Leadership Forum is pleased to announce the beginning of a multi-year project to develop a robust and harmonized database of WBLCA benchmarks. The pilot phase of this project is officially underway.About In 2017, the CLF...

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2021 Material Baselines

Material Baseline Report | July 2021In order to set achievable targets, it is necessary to have a baseline from which to compare products within a material or product category. In January, the Carbon Leadership Forum published the 2021 Material Baselines document...

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2017 Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study

Research Question What are the typical magnitudes and ranges of embodied carbon in buildings? About The Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study is the first stage of the LCA for Low Carbon Construction project funded by The Charles Pankow Foundation, Skanska USA and Oregon...

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Guide to the EC3 Tool

By Stacy Smedley Executive Director, Building Transparency In November of 2019, the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3) tool was publicly launched at the Greenbuild Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Just eighteen months earlier, the tool had started as a...

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Embodied Carbon Benchmark – Data Visualization

This reports the embodied carbon per unit area for over 1,000 buildings included in the Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study. You can learn more about this project and download the report from the Project Page. Tips Click the ‘crop outlier’ box to zoom in on the data...

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EC3 Tool Methodology Beta

NOTE This beta document has been superseded by the 2021 Material Baselines Report, published in February 2021. The 2021 report constitutes an update to the 2019 Beta Baselines with improved data sourcing, citation, and categories. Research Purpose: To develop the...

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Model LCA Specifications

About Model specifications can be used to request embodied carbon data for structural materials. The purpose of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) specifications is to establish recommended product specific LCA reporting data requirements, including the reporting of...

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Life Cycle Assessment

A handbook for architects and building industry professionals with technical information and explanation of life cycle assessment methodology, data, and applications for building practice. Life Cycle Assessment addresses the dynamic and dialectic of building and...

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