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CLF Case Studies

We welcome case studies developed by CLF members to be shared with the CLF network. Case studies help advance CLF’s mission to radically reduce the embodied carbon in building materials and construction. They provide generalized guidance, but not product/company specific promotion. They support high quality embodied carbon policy and practices without lobbying for specific legislation. 

UW Population Health Project

Research purpose: Determine if the UW Population Health facility would meet the requirements of LEED’s whole building life cycle assessment (WBLCA) credit.   About the project The Hans Rosling...

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Study of Buy Clean Policy

Research Purpose: Review and evaluate embodied carbon policies to limit the embodied carbon of structural materials used in State building projects.  About On January 8, 2018, members of the...

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Low-Carbon Concrete Pilot Project

Case Study: Pedestrian Crosswalk & Signal Pole Footings & Adjacent Sidewalk This pilot project compared the performance low carbon concrete mix with 50% cement replacement with a 100%...

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LCA of Katerra’s Buildings

Research Purpose:   Analyze environmental impacts of Katerra’s CLT supply chain, as well as its Catalyst Building. About Katerra commissioned the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) and Center for...

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LCA of a WeWork TI Project

Research Questions:   What are the environmental impacts of a typical WeWork office? How can WeWork reduce embodied carbon across its construction supply chain? About WeWork provides office...

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