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2017 Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study: Data Visualization

This reports the embodied carbon per unit area for over 1,000 buildings included in the Embodied Carbon Benchmark Study.

You can learn more about this project and download the report from the Project Page.


  • Click the ‘crop outlier’ box to zoom in on the data
  • Click the Benchmark box and select a proposed benchmark value
  • Hover over the boxplots to see more statistics
  • Link to understand the statistics behind the box plots
  • See the Project Page to download the data.


The primary limitations of the above findings are that (1) the database only includes initial embodied carbon of primary building components, (2) the analysis methods used to generate the data were not aligned, making it difficult to directly compare buildings from different sources of data, and (3) the database is not a statistically representative sample of current building practices.


This research was funded by the Charles Pankow Foundation, Skanska USA and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The interactive data visualization code courtesy of Thornton Tomasetti and the open-source D3.js library

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