Karisha Shahnaz Hariadi

Research Assistant, UW

Karisha is a research assistant for the Life Cycle Lab at the University of Washington. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science from the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at UW. Prior to joining CLF, Karisha was an environmental consultant where she carried out environmental impact assessments and compliance studies for Southeast Asia’s infrastructure development projects. Within 3 years of her professional experience, she was involved in the development of 15+ renewable energy projects across Asia. Through her involvement in these projects, she came to recognize that a gap in decarbonization exists, which cannot be solely addressed by renewable energy measures. This sparked her interest in embodied carbon and life cycle assessments. Karisha is also passionate about exploring key enabling conditions, such as policies, regulations, and practices to support decarbonization. She plans to leverage her academic and professional experiences to apply an interdisciplinary approach that would contribute to this field of research and hopefully beyond.

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