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The CLF YouTube Channel is a platform intended to catalog and promote useful resources for professionals working to decarbonize the building industry and building materials. Please submit your webinar or other video candidate for potential promotion and inclusion in a Playlist for the CLF YouTube Channel. To do so, you must already be a Member of the Carbon Leadership Forum.

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What is Embodied Carbon in Buildings?

This video explains upfront embodied carbon emissions from buildings, and shows how material selection can make the difference between a building with a huge carbon footprint, or a building that is actually a net carbon sink.

Embodied Carbon 101

Episode 1 of this 12-part series explores how we can turn building materials — a climate challenge — into a climate solution. Speakers: Lori Ferriss, Stephanie Carlisle, Stacy Smedley, Frances Yang.

Change Our Buildings, Save Our Planet

Andrew Himes’ 2021 TEDxSeattle talk is an impassioned plea for buildings that help solve climate change instead of contributing to it. 

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Carbon Positive RESET! – Architecture 2030

This March 2020 Conference showcased the most effective building materials, construction methods, design tools, architecture and planning strategies, practices and policies for dramatically and rapidly reducing the embodied and operational carbon emissions to meet the Paris Agreement.

Embodied Carbon 101 – Boston Society of Architects

This 12-part webinar series is a survey course that covers basic EC literacy, EPDs, structure, envelope, MEP, interiors, procurement, carbon accounting, certifications and commitments, how to make the case for decarbonization of materials and construction, and process + firm culture.

Carbon Smart Building Day

This 2018 conference, convened by CLF and affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit, brought together leaders, professionals, policy makers, organizations, companies, and associations to advance common understanding, shared goals, and collective action to decarbonize built environments.



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