Submit Your Idea for a CLF Initiative

The CLF Incubation Committee considers proposals from CLF members for transformative initiatives that can drive decarbonization.

Do you have a great idea for a project or initiative to reduce embodied carbon emissions in built environments?

Could the CLF Network provide the magic your idea needs to make a difference? The CLF’s Incubation Committee is considering incubation for a limited number of projects, initiatives, or tools that fit our criteria and capacity. Incubation may include providing advice, verification, connections, and/or publication on the CLF web site and in other media. To be eligible for incubation, your project must:

  • Align with the mission and goals of the Carbon Leadership Forum.
  • Be viable (either come with necessary funds/resources or attract them should CLF incubation happen).
  • Attract strong or necessary partners.
  • Meet a clearly articulated need and produce real outcomes.

Your proposal will require you to upload 3 PDF files: 1) Project Description (1000 words or less); 2) Schedule & Budget; 3) Letter of Support from a CLF member not directly related to the project articulating its value.

Finally, you must be an active member of the CLF network of members, sponsors, and partners. Our ability to say yes will depend on the quality of your idea, the level of detail provided with the request, and the alignment with our resources and bandwidth to help.