Nilesh Bansal

Green Building Initiative

Nilesh is the Vice President of Building and Program Innovation at Green Building Initiative. Nilesh’s primary focus is on spearheading program development and collaborating with team members to shape the organization’s long-term strategic vision, particularly in alignment with GBI’s sustainability goals. Prior to this role, Nilesh served as the Director of Sustainability at a leading tech startup where he led development of automated Building Performance Analysis and Carbon Emissions Estimation software. His work was instrumental in guiding the AEC industry toward adopting sustainability as a key metric, driven by empirical data for design decisions. His knowledge of building performance and ability to innovate have enabled him to become a significant contributor to the global fight against climate change. He also served as a sustainability specialist on multiple commercial and large-scale projects while working for Gensler. Holding a Master of Science in Building Performance and Diagnostics from Carnegie Mellon, Nilesh possesses a unique ability to simplify complex topics and amplify their impact on a broader scale.