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juin 28, 2023

CLF Website Gets Web Award!

June 28, 2023 Awarded “Website of the Day”

Today’s Web Award laureate is, thanks to its excellence in quality, originality, design and content.

The University of Washington’s Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) is the nation’s leading non-profit dedicated to decarbonizing the built environment.

The CLF hired Niki Jones Agency, “NJA” for short, to redesign and develop their website, with the goal of educating and engaging current and prospective industry employees, policymakers, activists, and academics about available research and funding streams, policy and policy analysis, and partnerships between sectors. In this role, NJA was responsible for creating a new site architecture to reflect the CLF’s 3 primary activities, which are research, provision of resources, and network building.

NJA provided a complete redesign, including 12 unique page designs and 6 templates for resource types. The team developed the site in the WordPress Content Management System and was responsible for migrating and formatting all existing data using the DiviBlogPlus and CiviCRM plugins.

For the CLF’s website, Niki Jones Agency provided the following features and functionality: Data collection functionality; ADA compliance; responsive design; user-centric site architecture; interactive map; search engine optimization; social media integration; browser compatibility; web testing and quality assurance, including the provision of a beta site to test all features prior to launch.

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