Mar 15, 2019

Digital to D.C. Discussion: CLF Director Kate Simonen reaches broad audiences to expand awareness of embodied carbon

CLF Director Kate Simonen recently joined Nori to participate in the organization’s ongoing podcast series “Reversing Climate Change.” Committed to creating the world’s first carbon removal marketplace, Nori invited Kate to share her insight on life cycle assessment (LCA) with its digital audience to increase awareness of carbon removal strategies in the building sector. Listen to Episode #61: Leveraging the Life Cycle Assessment for Useful Carbon Accounting with Professor Kate Simonen to hear Kate discuss opportunities for carbon sequestration in the building sector and tangible next steps listeners can take to engage evolving LCA initiatives.

Kate’s podcast discussion reached environmental leaders at the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy, a research center at the American University focused on assessing the implications of emerging carbon removal practices and technologies. The Institute invited Kate to Washington D.C. to attend its March 14 “Establishing the Carbon Removal Assessment” workshop, which brought together NGO climate policy leaders to identify potential tools and strategies for assessing carbon removal approaches.
To learn more about carbon removal assessment, access both a report Why Talk About Carbon Removal?  and fact sheet provided by the Institute on various carbon removal technologies and related governance considerations, potential scale and cost.

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