Sep 1, 2020

CLF adds new research staff to accelerate embodied carbon action

Introducing Steph Carlisle and Meghan Lewis

Today, the CLF announced the addition of two new staff positions to bolster its mission to radically reduce embodied carbon emissions from construction and building materials.

“Successful decarbonization will depend on two strategic pillars,” said Kate Simonen, executive director of the CLF.  “First, cities, states, and national governments need to create public policies requiring low carbon procurement for materials. Second, we’ll need comprehensive analysis and methodology to help us reach science-based targets for decarbonization. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve hired senior research scientists to provide leadership for each of those strategic pillars.”

Stephanie Carlisle

Stephanie Carlisle

Stephanie’s work investigates the interaction between the natural and constructed environment, including embodied carbon, life cycle assessment (LCA), urban ecology, landscape performance and supply chains and toxicity of building materials. Combining a background in environmental science and architectural design, she builds bridges between research and practice, bringing data-driven analysis and topical research to complex design problems. This experience will be applied towards improving the EC3 tool as well as other carbon data initiatives at the Carbon Leadership Forum.

She most recently was a Principal at KieranTimberlake Architects where she was an environmental researcher in the firm’s interdisciplinary research group. She is also a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design and a Co-Editor-In-Chief of Scenario Journal. 

Meghan uses her background in architecture, supply chain sustainability, and life cycle assessment to pursue broad, system-wide policies and initiatives that support the vision of carbon neutral, circular building material supply chains. Meghan has been an active contributor at the Carbon Leadership Forum, and played a crucial role as a contributing editor to the Practice Guide for the Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings. She also chairs the Building Focus Group in the CLF Online Community. As a staff member she’ll be responsible for leading policy research to support Buy Clean initiatives.

Meghan Lewis

Meghan Lewis

She was recently the Head of Global Energy and Sustainability at WeWork, where she also launched the supply chain sustainability program in 2018 to drive efforts to source sustainable materials across their global portfolio. Before joining WeWork, Meghan was an architect at Mithun, where she worked on a range of project types and developed office-wide sustainability guidelines as part of the firm’s sustainability team. She also led internal efforts to integrate whole building life cycle assessment and low carbon material selection into the design process, through R+D and implementation on active projects.

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