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  • Ganguly, I., Pierobon, F., Huang, M., Simonen K.  Environmental benefits of using hybrid CLT structure in midrise non-residential construction: An LCA based comparative case study in the US PNW.  Journal of Building Engineering.  Accepted and pending publication.
  • Huang, M., Simonen, K. (2019).  Comparative environmental analysis of seismic damage in buildingsJournal of Structural Engineering.  Accepted and pending publication.
  • Rodriguez, B. X., Simonen, K., Huang, M., & De Wolf, C. (2019). A taxonomy for whole building life cycle assessment (WBLCA)Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, 8(3), 190-205.
  • Simonen, Huang, Aicher, & Morris. (2018). Embodied carbon as a proxy for the environmental impact of earthquake damage repairEnergy & Buildings, 164, 131-139.
  • Simonen, K., Rodriguez, B., & De Wolf, C. (2017). Benchmarking the Embodied Carbon of BuildingsTechnology|Architecture Design, 1(2), 208-218.
  • Cooper, J., Fava, J., Simonen, K., Boyd, S., Baer, S. (2012) Status of North American Life Cycle Inventory Data.  Journal of Industrial Ecology, 16(3), 287-289.

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  • Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings-Methodology for Assessing Environmental Impacts” (2012) A. Court, P. Morris, K. Simonen, W. Trusty, M. Webster & J. Heintz. Report prepared in consultation by the Applied Technology Council for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Accessible at
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Buildings Research for Washington State” K. Simonen, L. Haselbach, E. Oniel, J. Cooper. Delivered to State on September 1, 2012.