Carbon Leadership Forum

Buy Clean Washington

On January 8, 2018, members of the Washington (WA) State House of Representatives introduced House Bill (HB) 2412 – Creating the Buy Clean Washington Act to the state legislature. Modeled after the Buy Clean California Act, HB 2412 proposed that WA state agencies awarding construction contracts must produce environmental product declaration (EPDs) for an eligible list of materials.  Although the bill did not move forward for debate and voting in the 2018 legislative session, a modified version of the proposed study was included in the capital.  The capital budget authorized the UW College of Built Environments to collaborate with the Central Washington University (CWU) Construction Management Program and the Washington State University (WSU) Architecture and Engineering School to “analyze existing embodied carbon policy and propose methods to categorize structural materials and report structural material quantities and origins.”  The result of this work is the Buy Clean Washington Study.  The final report and supplemental resources can be found on this page.