Carbon Leadership Forum


To develop a sustainable building materials curriculum for AIA Seattle and AIA National


The Carbon Leadership Forum has partnered with the University of Washington’s Integrated Design Lab and the Health Product Declaration Collaborative to develop and deliver Materials Matter, a professional education series on sustainable building materials selection. Sponsored by AIA Seattle and AIA National, Materials Matter comprises online and in-person courses intended to enable participants to understand, make informed decisions about, and implement materials transparency and optimization, considering embodied carbon, life cycle analysis, and health. The Materials Matter in person pilot series was being rolled out in Winter 2016-2017.  The webpage for AIA’s Material’s Matter Curriculum can be found here.

Research Team

  • Burpee (PI)
  • K. Simonem
  • C. Meek
  • J. Todd


L. Richmond & K. Kemsiz (AIA Seattle) and T. Dilegge (UW)