Carbon Leadership Forum

Team for the Initiative

Kate Simonen, AIA, SE is founding director of the Carbon Leadership Forum, an industry-academic collaboration highlighting the carbon impact of the built environment, and developing pathways for “carbon smart” buildings to be part of the global climate solution. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington, a writer, and a researcher with significant professional experience in high performance building systems, seismic design and retrofitting, net-zero energy residential construction, prefabrication and collaborative practice. She authored the authoritative Life Cycle Assessment and the LCA Practice Guide and is co-chair of the Embodied Carbon Network – a global, open-access communications and action network.

Erin McDade is a Program Manager for Architecture 2030. She brings to the organization a background in architecture, with a focus on sustainable building research and analysis. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Washington and worked at the Integrated Design Lab in Seattle where she helped to develop Targeting 100!, a tool for deep energy retrofits and aggressively sustainable new construction in the healthcare sector, and also completed lighting and thermal analyses on the revolutionary Bullitt Center. She leads Architecture 2030’s Products Challenge.

Tina Dilegge was a Program Manager at the UW Integrated Design Lab. In this role, she worked on translating the lab’s mission and work to the design community and broader public. Tina also focused on project management, financial and general administration, and writing grant proposals. She also worked for the Carbon Leadership Forum, where she was responsible for website development and providing logistical support to the Embodied Carbon Network. Part of her effort included chairing the Network’s Outreach Focus Group, and supporting the Network’s strategic communications plan.

Jeff Thiel, a Carbon Innovations consultant, is a business development and market transformation strategist. He is an experienced executive and entrepreneur who has built and launched new products and services in industries ranging from PC software to financial services, health care, and K-12 education. Jeff worked at Microsoft for 10 years leading product management and development teams in the Windows and Consumer Products Divisions. Jeff started his career with global management consulting firm Bain & Co. He received his MBA with honors from Wharton.

Andrew Himes, a Carbon Innovations consultant, is a network orchestrator and communications strategist. He was founding editor of MacTech, the leading Apple technology journal, then co-founded the Microsoft Developer Network. He led Microsoft’s first web project, and then led Microsoft’s Platform Web Team. Since leaving Microsoft, Himes has worked to increase the effectiveness of social change organizations and networks. He was founding executive director of Charter for Compassion International, a global movement of cities practicing measurable compassion in every realm of community life.

Wil Srubar is director of Sustainable Infrastructure Materials Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering. Prof. Srubar received his PhD in structural engineering and materials science from Stanford University in 2013. He received his bachelors degree in civil engineering and architectural history from Texas A&M University and his masters degree in civil, architectural, and environmental engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.