Carbon Leadership Forum

About the Initiative

The Carbon Smart Building initiative was launched at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) conference in NYC in June 2018. The initiative will be led by the UW Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF), and has the support of leading organizations including Architecture 2030, AIA, the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, the Ecological Building Network, and the US Green Building Council. The kickoff meeting for this initiative was held on November 7, 2017 at GreenBuild Expo (the world’s largest green building conference). We’ll be recruiting additional founding partners — companies, universities, foundations, industry and professional associations — in 2018.

The impact of this initiative will be to accelerate progress toward a world in which:

  • Carbon-storing materials are low cost, widely available and widely used.
  • Buildings are high-performing, and emit no GHG’s in operation.
  • Analysis of a building’s carbon footprint is integrated in project design and delivery tools.
  • Carbon-storing best practices are widely shared and rapidly improving.
  • Buildings have a carbon footprint rating that is easy to find and understand.
  • Designers, builders and owners make storing carbon a goal on every project.
  • Developers realize higher profits for carbon-storing buildings.
  • The public views carbon stored in buildings as part of the climate solution.
  • Policies to promote storing carbon in buildings are in place globally.

By June 2018, we have 1) established a launch team; 2) rallied strategic partners; 3) identified breakthrough research projects and market transformation programs; 4) executed a high-impact communications strategy; 5) created a sustainable funding model; and 6) laid the basis for specific collaborations involving research scientists, materials companies, architects, structural engineers, builders, and policy advocates.

This is a unique opportunity to scale up and accelerate work already under way.