Carbon Leadership Forum


The Carbon Leadership Forum is an industry-academic collaboration sponsored by building industry organizations who are at the forefront of lowering the built environment’s carbon footprint. Based out of the University of Washington, the forum brings together committed professionals across the nation to advance low carbon building design and construction through leading research projects, promoting education and awareness, and implementing strategies into practice.

Actions for Organizations

Join the Carbon Leadership Forum
Sponsorship by industry firms is key to our effectiveness. Carbon Leadership Forum supporters collaborate with a unique peer group: building industry professionals with expertise in evaluating and reducing the embodied carbon of buildings. Sponsor firms gain early access to research results and opportunities to lead the industry by sharing their best practices.

Sponsorship is recognized through presentations and publications and is a key way for firms to demonstrate leadership in using life cycle assessment methods to drive progress towards low carbon buildings.

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Sign the Climate Declaration

The Carbon Leadership Forum is collaborating with Ceres and the U.S. Green Building Council to advance the Climate Declaration, a campaign to engage the business community in tackling climate change. With Ceres’ vision and leadership, businesses across the United States have coalesced around this call for climate action by our government.

While more than 1,500 U.S. businesses have signed the Climate Declaration, the building and real estate sector remains underrepresented. To help bridge this gap, Thornton Tomasetti – a Carbon Leadership Forum sponsor committed to sustainable design and construction practices – led our involvement in developing the Building and Real Estate Climate Declaration.

Click here to learn more and sign the Climate Declaration.

Actions for Individuals

Learn about embodied carbon

Visit our resources page to find learning resources and results of our research.

Join the Embodied Carbon Network

The Carbon Leadership Forum has convened the Embodied Carbon Network – a venue for individuals to connect and focus on embodied carbon in the built environment. The Network’s overarching goal is to support a building sector that works with increased efficiency to meet emission reduction targets. The Network will work toward this goal through fostering communication, aligning similar efforts, sharing resources and collaborating with other individuals interested in reducing embodied carbon in the built environment.

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