Sep 25, 2019

Climate Earth partners with the Carbon Leadership Forum and C Change Labs to help architects and engineers more easily evaluate embodied carbon impacts

Partnership focuses on development of digital EPDs to meet the EC3 tool requirements while also ensuring conformance with emerging global standards.
Earlier this week the Carbon Leadership Forum announced the creation of the Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (“EC3”) tool, a ground-breaking solution for evaluating the carbon emissions embodied within a wide array of building materials.
In order to accelerate the availability of EPD data and make EPD data analysis faster and easier, Climate Earth partnered with the EC3 tool technical team to define requirements, and to develop, and implement the digital EPD. The digital EPD is based on international standards for data interchange and emerging international standards for digital EPDs. EPDs are generally published as paper or PDF reports for people to read but not for computers to analyze. A critical advance, the digital EPD is designed for fast and easy data interchange between computers and enables rapid analysis of hundreds or thousands of EPDs using advanced analytics as found in the EC3 tool.
Learn about Climate Earth’s digital EPD

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