Mar 19, 2019

NSF publishes Concrete Product Category Rule (PCR) Version 2.0, supported by the CLF

On Feb. 22, 2019, the National Science Foundation (NSF) issued Version 2.0 of the Concrete Product Category Rule (PCR), updating Version 1.1 published by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) in 2013.
CLF Director Kate Simonen supported the review process through providing life cycle assessment (LCA) expertise in her role on the PCR Committee for Concrete. The technical committee included subject matter experts across the building industry who developed recommendations to improve Version 1.1 and drive greater alignment with other PCRs in the building industry (locally and globally).
Learn more about CLF’s work to develop concrete PCR. Access Version 2.0 on the NSF website.
PCR Committee for Concrete participants:

Bill Larson and Dave McElvain, CalPortland
Patrick Frawley and Juan Gonzales, Central Concrete/US Concrete
Jim Blais, Stoneway Concrete/GMC Inc
Manuela Ojanm, Heidelberg Cement/WBCSD CSI observer
Hernan Rodriguez, Cemex
Trade Organizations
David Shepherd, Portland Cement Association
James Bogdan, NRMCA
Emily Lorenz, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Association
Chris Drew, Adrian Smith Gordon Gill (architect)
David Walsh, Sellen Construction (general contractor)
Dirk Kestner, Walter P Moore (structural engineer)
Erin McDade, Architecture 2030 (NGO)
Jordan Palmeri and Peter Canepa, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (Gov)
LCA Expertise
Kate Simonen, CLF/University of Washington (Chair)
Jamie Meil, Athena Institute
Laurel McEwen, Climate Earth
Jessica Slomka, NSF

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