Jan 30, 2019

Embodied Carbon Network marks second-year anniversary, doubling membership in 2018

The Embodied Carbon Network (ECN) headed into 2019 celebrating its second-year anniversary as a platform connecting professionals across trades and sectors to reduce carbon emissions caused by the built environment. In two years, the ECN has brought together over 410 members from 110 cities across the world – a diverse membership that includes sustainability pioneers, practitioners, researchers, educators, planners and advocates from leading manufacturing, construction, engineering,
architecture and sustainability consulting firms,
government agencies, academic institutions and nonprofits.

The CLF founded the Embodied Carbon Network (ECN) in January 2017 to raise awareness and increase communication around embodied carbon. In 2018, the ECN evolved from its roots as a communication platform, expanding in scope to build and share new knowledge. Through the first annual webinar series, ECN focus groups developed and delivered six one-hour sessions freely available to professionals and students interested in learning about embodied carbon initiatives, research, case studies and strategies.

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