Carbon Leadership Forum

Director & Board

Kate Simonen, Director

Christie Gamble, CarbonCure

Amy Hattan, Thornton Tomassetti

Erin McDade, Architecture 2030

Victor Olgyay, Rocky Mountain Institute

Stacy H. Smedley, Skanska

Larry Strain, Siegel & Strain

Wolfgang Werner, Urban Fabrick

Frances Yang, Arup

Christopher Drew, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill


Past board members

  • Don Davies
  • Catherine DeWolf

Staff, students, and volunteers

Andrew Himes, program specialist

Moazamah Rubab, undergraduate research assistant

Monica Huang, research engineer

Vicki Rybl, graduate research assistant

Anne Banta, communications strategy

  • Aiwen Xie, visiting graduate exchange student, research assistant


  • Scott Henson, director of strategic communications for EC3
  • Wil Srubar, ECN co-chair
  • Erin McDade, ECN co-chair
  • Victoria Herrero-Garcia, ECN webinar coordinator
  • Allyn Vodika, education/outreach specialist

Past staff and students

  • Barbara X. Rodriguez, graduate research assistant
  • Tina Dilegge, program manager
  • Jim Ditto, graduate research intern
  • Alex Ianchenko, undergraduate research assistant
  • Dalton Owens, undergraduate research assistant
  • Jorge Gomez, undergraduate research assistant
  • Lindsay Todaro, graduate graphics assistant
  • Thipok (Poom) Cholsaipant, undergraduate graphics assistant
  • Stephanie Barrera, graduate research assistant
  • Kristen Strobel, graduate research assistant
  • Mariam Hovhannisyan, graduate research assistant
  • Weston Norwood, graduate research assistant
  • Ezekiel Jones, undergraduate research assistant
  • Danele Alampay, undergraduate research assistant
  • Corey S. Ayers, undergraduate research assistant
  • Claire Cyra, undergraduate research assistant
  • Mazohra Thami, graduate research and graphics assistant
  • Yasaman Esmaili, graduate research assistant
  • David Fish, graduate research assistant
  • Josslyn Shapiro, graduate research assistant
  • Monica Huang, graduate research assistant