Carbon Leadership Forum

June 21, 2017

New network launched by CLF attracts over 100 people committed to embodied carbon reduction

The Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) recently launched the Embodied Carbon Network, an initiative to support the design and construction of a carbon neutral built environment by 2050.

Kate Simonen (University of Washington) and Erin McDade (Architecture 2030) formed the Network in order to connect professionals and students working toward reducing embodied carbon – emissions that result from extracting materials and making building products.

“We’re looking to drive alignment between similar work efforts – both research and in practice – through providing a forum for resource sharing, asking questions, exchanging feedback and sharing results,” said Kate Simonen. “Better collaboration will help close gaps in our knowledge of embodied carbon impacts and improve our ability to quantify emissions.”

Since opening member enrollment in April 2017, the Network has already brought together over 100 professionals and students from construction, architecture and sustainability firms, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies. Comprising eight goal-oriented Taskforces, the Network provides individuals an opportunity to focus on specific topics, such as whole building life cycle analysis (WBLCA), renewable materials and public policy.

“I joined to learn more about how others are approaching WBLCA in their offices, the tools and processes they might be using, and the experiences they are having,” said Brad Benke, a Seattle-based architect at LMN Architects. “Hopefully we can all share insight to push WBLCA into standard practice for the whole industry.”

The Network convened its first web-based meeting in April and will continue to conduct all-member conference calls on a quarterly basis.

For more information about the Network, contact Tina Dilegge at