Carbon Leadership Forum

June 21, 2017

CLF call for sponsors

The University of Washington’s Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) is currently accepting sponsor applications to support and join its community of manufacturers, designers, builders, LCA professionals and academics working together to reduce the impact of embodied carbon emissions.

The CLF sponsorship program includes different membership levels, providing an opportunity for all representatives to guide and leverage research focused on life-cycle assessment (LCA) data and methods. Sponsor organizations participate in the CLF through several mechanisms: serving on the board, leading research and education initiatives, collaborating on research projects and contributing to outreach presentations.

Current sponsors have directly supported several significant outcomes, including CLF’s development of the largest known database of building embodied carbon, the launch of the Embodied Carbon Network – which has brought together over 100 people since April 2017 – and development of an official commitment that challenges structural engineers to meet embodied carbon benchmarks.

Interested in sponsorship? Learn more about joining CLF’s engaged community of industry leaders or contact CLF Director Kate Simonen at