Carbon Leadership Forum

February 10, 2017

Life Cycle Assessment Practice Guide

Needed guidance to standardize whole building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practices

This project provides guidance to industry professionals looking to integrate carbon into life cycle based decision making through the creation of an environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) practice guide. It is the second phase of the LCA for Low Carbon Construction Project.  See the Embodied Carbon Benchmark Database for the first project that was completed in early 2017.

This practice guide will focus on aiding carbon reduction in the building construction sector (both new construction and renovation) through the use of whole building LCA. The guide will integrate concurrent work developed by others into one common practice guide document.

The advisory committee is in formation. The development of the guide will take place during the spring and summer of 2017 with publication due by the end of the year.

Research Team

Simonen (PI), B. Rodriguez, M. Huang & T. Dilegge


This research was funded by the Charles Pankow Foundation, Skanska USA and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.